Scalable GIF image

The image  to the right is a half- board, cut north to south.  The image is originally  sized to fit on an 8-1/2x14 sheet of paper. 

Copy or save the image to your computer. 

Gif images are scalable without distortion, so you can adjust the size to fit the paper in the printer by dragging a corner diagonally.   (a diagonal drag will preserve the aspect ratio of the image.)

To make a full board, print two copies, then rotate one copy 180 degrees and tape to the left of the other copy.

You may print a copy for your personal use, and you may distribute this image, providing you do not charge a fee or remove the copyright mark.

To copy, right-click on the image, choose Copy, and then Paste into your software program.

To save as a file, right click on the image, choose Save Picture As, and save to wherever you want to store it on your computer.  Save the image as a GIF (.gif) file.



2010 Simon Revere Mouer III, PhD, PE, all rights reserved