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Motorola EX124G Prepaid Cell Phone

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Motorola EX124G Prepaid Phone (Net10) Rating: ☻☻☻KK

I bought this phone direct from TracFone with triple minutes for life for $79. The phone is the same for TracFone and Net10, except for the minutes pay plan. I had it about three weeks before I sent it back for a refund. TracFone/Net10 only has two touchscreen phones -- the Motorola EX124G at $79, and the LG 800G at $49. I have evaluated both phones at the same time. In the end, I chose the LG 800G over the Moto EX124G because for my purposes it was a much better value.

Music Player - Excellent sound (with high quality earphones), especially with the REVERB setting switched on

FM Radio - You must use a wire headset (wire acts as antenna), nine station presets, search and scan, good reception.

Camera - 3MP resolution

Video Recorder/Player -

Voice Recorder -

External Memory - 32GB microSD (not included)- one heck of lot of memory potential.  (Note Motorola later reduced the microSD capacity to 16GB).

Accelerometer/Position Sensors - A great feature, but unfortunately, there are no Java apps that take advantage of it, and even all the native features do not take advantage of the position sensor (landscape or profile).

Screen Size - 400 x 200 pixel resolution.

Alarm Clock - 5 separate alarms can be set at varying schedules

Stop Watch - Timer and laps

Bluetooth - Audio for earphones, phone to phone contact and file transfer, and PC to phone file transfer.

Call Reject - Rejected calls are shunted to voice mail.

Black List - Very handy option allows individual phone numbers to be completely rejected.

Task Pad -

User Manual - Nice 70-page manual comes with this phone, which is unusual for TracFone/Net10 phones

Manufacturer Support - This model listed on Motorola's web site, which is unusual for TracFone/Net10 models.

The following cons are listed because a less expensive model (the LG 800G) has them, making a stark contrast to the EX124G costing almost twice as much.  Yes, you can add apps for most of these, but the will not show up as widgets or shortcuts on the main page(s).

No Included Games - this may be because there are no Java games that utilize the accelerometer and position sensors. Unlike the higher-end Android market with hundreds of thousands of apps and games, the lower-end Java market is scarcely populated.

No Memo Pad -

No Scientific Calculator - Only a simple arithmetic calculator is included

No World Clock -

No Units Converter - just a very simple currency converter

Clunky Interface - this is subjective, but the LG 800G at half the price has a very well integrated and smooth user interface, and the EX 124G does not.  If you have never used the LG 800G, then you probably won't notice.

No WiFi or No GPS - While feature phones do not have WiFi or GPS, the EX124G costs almost as much as the LG Optimus Net (on sale), which is a true smart phone.  If you can get the EX124G at a substantial price discount, then it could be a good deal., but not at its listed price of $80+.

BOTTOM LINE: Some people will like this cell phone, but far more will go for the LG 800G, which is not only much cheaper, but functions better. 

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