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Tracfone LG LG800G with 1200 Minutes and Triple Minutes for Life!! (Tracfone) Rating: ☻☻☻☻☻

Probably the most popular touch-screen feature phone on TracFone or Net10 websites. The LG 800G is made exclusively for TracFone/Net10.   They normally come with double minutes or triple minutes for life on the TracFone website, but not on Net10's.  Not a smart phone, but a pretty rich feature phone, the LG 800G comes pre-loaded with some very well-done, useful apps:

 The LG 800G is often available at a significant discount on Home Shopping Network (, and   For example, I purchased one triple minutes for life from HSN (1200 minutes/1-year included) for $100. 1200 minutes/1-year is a tripled 400 minute/1 year card which sells for $99 at TracFone. So just subtract $99 from the price you pay for a TML w 1200 minutes to get what you paying for this fabulous little phone under this offer -- $1.    I also purchase a Motorola EX124G TML, but I sent it back to TracFone. In my opinion the LG 800G is a much better value.

LG 800G's were manufactured in three software versions: SW 10d, SW10e, and supposedly SW 10f.  You will want the latest software version when you buy, as TracFone does not do software upgrades after purchase.   Some early users of the V10d LG 800G's reported having text message issues. I never had any issues with text messages, but the real kicker is that if you do, TracFone will replace your version 10d with a newer version 10e for free - and your TML and all you minutes transfer -- You can't lose.

If you are new to the LG 800G, I suggest you frequent the Turk Forum for clues on how to use all the many features of this jewel, as the documentation that comes with the phone is very skimpy. You can use the link below for the Turk forum. 

Another useful link is the LG 800G tutorial on StraightTalk (another sunsidiary of TracFone):;jsessionid=C116E62C0C139531594C507DDD4EAE36?locale=en_US&deviceId=718&cid=287030

If you can't make the above links work,  then just do a Google search on "LG 800G Tutorial"

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