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LG 840G Cell Phone

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Probable successor to TracFone's popular LG 800G, the LG 840G is made by LG exclusively for TracFone, and comes with triple minutes for life.  Currently only available on the TracFone website, but sure to eventually show up on Net10's.  Not a smart phone, but a pretty rich feature phone, the LG 840G comes pre-loaded with some very well-done, useful apps.  It has improved versions of all the built-in apps that come with the LG 800G, with the sole exception that the 840G does not have a built-in document reader, and the 800G does. 

Built-in features and apps include a nice music player, voice recorder, notepad, calendar/scheduler, alarm clock, stopwatch, SNS (mobile apps for Facebook, Twitter, & My Space), email, camera (2MP), video recorder, picture viewer, video player, scientific calculator, tip calculator, unit converter (area, length, volume, weight, and temperature), and a Task app that is also integrated with the calendar.

But the creme de creme -- what the 840G has that the 800G does not -- is 3G (data), WiFi (free internet access), and it will hook up with a Bluetooth hands free (voice activated) system, such as is standard equipment on some higher-end vehicle models, and optional on other models.  Note: the LG 840G itself does not do voice activated dialing -- what it does do is link through Bluetooth to a system that does voice activated commands. 

 The LG 840G is often available at a significant discount on Home Shopping Network (, and   For example, I purchased a LG 840G wuth triple minutes for life on a HSN special, which included 1400 minutes and 1-year, for a total of $99. A 1-year card ( includes 400 minute which, when tripled, equal 1200 minutes) alone sell for $99 at TracFone. So just subtract $99 from the price I paid, and the actual cost for the phone was  -- $0.  Now that was a real deal.

The phone comes with a pretty good 90 page user manual (90 pages in English and 90 pages in Spanish.)  In addition there is also a pretty good interactive tutorial at the following TracFone link:

The best user forum for this phone is the Turk Forum, where you can ask user questions and get  for clues on how to use all the many features of this jewel.  . You can use the link below for the Turk forum.


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