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My Antona
by Wila Cather

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My Antonia (Paperback) ~ Willa Cather (Author) Cover Art Rating: ☻☻☻☻☻

One of the best, and I think the most realistic, novels I have ever read. I read it decades ago, and still I carry its poignant moments with me.

But I give no details here, and leave it to the reader to explore on their own the bitter and the sweet of this great classic. Suffice it to say that I think women will see this story in a different light then do men.

Being a man, then, what endears the story to me is the juxtaposition of young master Jim and Antonia. She's always just out of his reach as a lover, but close enough to be his love interest and his dearest friend. And throughout all travesties of life that kept them from becoming closer, she endures in his memory and his heart. But for the circumstances, the place, and the time, there go many a young man, including myself, with our first older love interest forever just out of our reach.

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