Social Pathology of Homosexuality
No Same Sex Anything

Simon Revere Mouer III, all rights reserved

Homosexuality in and of itself is a Social Pathology because of the prevalence of pedophilia within the homosexual community, especially male homosexuality. 

Homosexuality and Pedophilia

Pedophilia is the primary social mechanism for transferring homosexual behavior from one generation to the next.  Pedophilia among homosexuals is the hidden, and often unspoken by-product of a society soft on homosexual expression. It is too often under-reported and unreported.  While heterosexual pedophilia garners the liberal media attention, the far more prevalent problem of homosexual pedophilia, especially male on male, is too often ignored by that same media.

Homosexuality and Religion

All major established religions frown on homosexuality.  In some religions, homosexual acts carried a death penalty.  Religious prohibitions against homosexuality today is faith-based, but in the far history of the religion, the original prophets very likely observed the very decadent sexual promiscuity and homosexuality pervading now ancient and near-forgotten fallen civilizations, and linked that behavior with the ultimate disintegration of those of decadent and dying societies.

Homosexuality and Morality

Morality isn’t just faith-based, and doesn’t just belong to churches and religion, but to all of society. A choice which best serve the greater community is moral. A choice which harms the greater community is immoral.  Homosexuality is harmful to the greater community by negatively affecting the health and well-being of individuals and groups within the society.

Homosexuality and Medical Health

Young and vulnerable members of the society are recruited by older homosexuals for risky sexual activity that more readily transmits diseases, reduces the victim’s self-esteem, and perverts sexual orientation. It has the end result of accelerating the development of pathogens’ resistance to antibiotics because of the prophylactic use of antibiotics by homosexuals to self medicate the many diseases they pick up because of extremely promiscuous behavior, especially among males.

Homosexuality and Mental Health

Misguided homophiles and homosexuals try to mitigate the shame, debasement, and depravity  of homosexual behavior by aggressively labeling themselves as "gay" and opponents as ‘homophobic."  There is nothing gay and happy about homosexual acts, especially on the recruit.  And if the homosexual looks deeply back into their past for that defining moment or series of encounters with an older homosexual who first recruited them, they will relive the shame and self-loathing that it brought them.

Homosexual predation by older homosexuals among the young is especially aggressive.  Young people are often forced to perform homosexual acts.  If they resist they might be killed.  If they comply, they are then admonished to be quiet about it, and fed propaganda that they are inherently "gay" and should willingly "join in" the "fun."  It is a very disorienting time for those young recruits, and the suicide rate is very high among such young persons thus recruited.   

Homosexuality and Social Institutions

Homosexuals consciously target social institutions, especially those which house children or young people, to gain access to the young and vulnerable within.  It is not without deviant motivation that homosexuals seek membership and access to the Boy Scouts of America and other such youth organizations. 

Homosexuals should be banned  from any and all contact with our youth, including schools, governmental organizations that oversee the health and welfare of children and youth, and private groups and youth organizations such as the boy scouts and girl scouts.

Homosexuality and Politics

Political states (countries or nations) are social organisms, very analogous to living organisms.  Counter-productive elements within social organisms are equivalent to viruses and other pathogens within an animal or plant. 

Internal defense mechanisms are necessary to identify, neutralize and remove such disruptive elements.  Failure of the government to control and eliminate disruptive and harmful elements within will result in reduced performance of the social organism, and even its termination.  These are all part of the evolutionary scheme of things, and why some cultures are more successful than others.

Personal freedom of the individual can only go so far before it becomes disruptive to the social organism.  Homosexuals should never be given the right to approach and recruit youngsters and children for homosexual activity.

Life isn't about the individual -- it is about the culture in which the individual is an element of.  While we may in our fantasies tout the lone hero fighting evil, in reality it is the social organism fighting disruptive elements internal and external.

Homosexuals are disruptive and harmful elements within a society, and should be banned from public office, because they tend to adopt policies that condone and promote homosexual behavior.


The seminal work for the acceleration of antibiotic-resistance diseases is “The Coming Plague” by Laurie Garrett, 1995

The seminal work on homosexuality is “The Sexual Dead End” by Stephen Green, 1992. While homosexual community in Britain managed to shout the work down, and it is no longer in print, nevertheless, it remains a defining expose of the sordid world of homosexuals.