Social Cost of Broken Families
©2007 Simon Revere Mouer III, all rights reserved


A whole industry has emerged that feeds off of divorce, unwed mothers, and single-parenting.  It is in the best interest of these social parasites to promote divorce, out-of-wedlock children, and single parenting.  Marriage and stable families are not in their best interests.

Divorce Lawyers

First in line at the feeding trough are lawyers.  The fees for divorce are enormous – far more than most females, on their own, could pay.  But the lawyer takes her case on the near certainty the court will order the male to pay all her legal costs.  Remove the courts ability to shift her legal expenses to the male, so she has to pay her own legal costs, and we will see a dramatic drop in divorce lawyers and divorce cases.

Family Courts

Second in line at the feeding trough are the family courts – judges, clerks, sheriffs, and other associated persons paid with public funds – which have turned the family court into a women’s advocate forum, providing free legal services to women.  In these family courts, the male is the hated adversary to be punished and made to pay (literally), and the female is the “heroine” to be rescued by the family court.  Get rid of these ultra-biased courts, and the number of broken families will be reduced.

Child Support Collection Agencies

Third in line at the feeding trough are government child-support collection agencies.  These agencies cost far more than the money they collect.  They do not pay for themselves, but rather add an additional burden to the taxpayer.  They are inefficient, error prone, and intrusive.  Men who for whatever reason lose their job find themselves suddenly in eternal arrears, even more prone to lose the next job, and losing any reason to be cooperative.  In many cases they are refused any contact with their children, put in jail for being behind, and get into a slow downward spiral that can never get out of.  We can get rid of the need for government child-support collection agencies by awarding custody of the child to the parent that can support the child best without any need for taxpayer-funded services.  And many women will suddenly lose any interest in being divorced.


Fourth in line at the feeding trough are public-funded, pro-females organizations.  Our society promotes and glamorizes the single female, and demonizes both marriage and men.  Lesbian-dominated groups, like the National Organization of Women (NOW), spread hatred of men in all their literature, holding that men are the cause of all their problems, and that men should be forced to pay women “restitution.”  Take away the public funding of groups like NOW, and their destabilizing influence will diminish.

Whining Women

Fifth in line at feeding trough are women.  Women are told, by lawyers, by women advocacy groups like NOW, by family court services dedicated to women, and others, that divorce is good, that they are going to receive a lucrative property settlement, child support, alimony, and government support.  So women initiate the divorce process.  But when it is all over, most women find the lawyers have sucked all the money up, alimony doesn’t cover much, child support is erratic, and they are perpetually short of money.  Moreover, their children are essentially abandoned to day care facilities.  Tell women the truth about the evils of a broken family and they will be more hesitant to break up.  Most married women don’t realize how well off they were married until it’s too late.  Get rid of alimony, and child support, and suddenly many women will lose interest in divorce.

Pedophiles and Homosexuals

Then there are the dregs of society – the pedophiles and homosexuals, drifting about searching for lonely, neglected, vulnerable children of these incomplete and broken families, to befriend and seduce, or abuse, rape and kill

The Children

Ah, the children – the invisible victims of this pro-broken-family society.