Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Planning

The Planning Cycle

The planning cycle is depicted in the graphic below.  It runs from the time you start contributing to a retirement plan (hopefully very early in your work career) and runs to the day you die (or your spouse dies, if you set it up that way), at which time your retirement funds are exhausted.  This is the main plan for most people.  However there are other plans that can be accommodated, such as inheritance, winning the lottery, retiring early.  In addition, the planning cycle might have to accommodate supplemental company-sponsored retirement plans, individual private supplemental retirement plans, and (for most people) Social Security retirement benefits.

The general plan is to save enough money during your working years to accumulate a large balance in your retirement fund until it is sufficiently large that it will provide your retirement years at a constant quality-of-life level.   While this is a simple concept, it raises profound questions as just how to accomplish it successfully. 

In the book, you will discover how to make your own inflation-adjusted retirement plan - one tailored to suit your life-style and your needs.

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