The Seventh Transcendence

The Seventh Transcendence is a future level of societal evolution that The Paradigm of Transcendent Reality strives to bring about.

In the time of the Seer, the current state of societal evolution, for what is often called the "First World," is (for perhaps twenty some odd nations) is the Sixth Transcendence (nation state.).  Other states, accorded national status, and often designated "Third World," are lesser developed, perhaps Fifth Transcendence (decidedly tribal.)

The Seven Transcendences are as follows:

1st Transcendence: Proto-mater transcends to atoms

The 1st transcendence started long ago, and appears largely completed. Humans cannot exist where 1st transcendence activity exists (nuclear reaction) and it must either be contained from them, or they must be shielded from it. Tapping the mechanisms of the 1st transcendence has the promise of both untold energy at our disposal, and untold destruction from our misuse.

2nd Transcendence: Atoms transcend to molecules

The 2nd transcendence started after the 1st transcendence and continues today. We study it today as chemistry or chemical reactions. Much of  the mechanism of the 2nd transcendence is known to us. The 2nd transcendence has the promise of great utility to us if used wisely and carefully, and great danger from toxic poisons if used carelessly.

3rd Transcendence: Molecules transcend to replicating organic complexes

The 3rd transcendence started after the 2nd transcendence, and continues today in our studies of advanced organic chemistry. Somewhere at the top of the evolutionary chain in the 3rd transcendence lies the dividing line between life and non-life forms. We do not know if such transcendence between non-life and life forms continues today. All our attempts to reproduce this transcendence have failed to date.

 4th Transcendence: Organic complexes transcend to multi-cellular life forms, including humans / the human family and clan evolve

Life forms that we easily recognize as life evolved in the 4th transcendence, including humans. The individual human and the family evolved simultaneously, together. Clans evolve as natural extensions of the family.

5th Transcendence: Human families and clans transcend to tribes / gods evolve

Human development and evolution, spiked by chaotic and cataclysmic change, cast humans to the top of the evolutionary ladder, subjugating all competing life forms. Clans, tribes, and tribal kingdoms subjugate the earth, the spirit of the tribal union--the tribal god--evolves, personified in totems, and embellished in tribal tales and myths.

6th Transcendence: Clans and tribes transcend to states and nations / Gods evolve

A new type of human organization evolves, initially composed of related clans and tribes, it suddenly acquires the ability to absorb and assimilate unrelated tribes and groups, and replaces clan loyalty, and tribal allegiance to national pride. The state or nation is born, along with its state or national soul - its God.

7th Transcendence: States and nations (that are properly conditioned) evolve into a tightly integrated, interdependent entity.  Not all states and nations units will make that transcendence.  Those that do will be more able to traverse the solar system and explore the galactic rim -- and eventually jump galaxies.   In the Seventh Transcendence, GOD evolves, or will be evolving

The 7th Transcendence has not yet happened, or if in progress, is not yet complete. It is one of the the reasons that the paradigm of Transcendent Reality was created, and the Seer set this paradigm before us - to hasten its coming. For though the direction is clear, the path lighted, the obstacles in the way are large and difficult. 


GOD, God, and god

The terms for GOD, God, and god, connote the living entity of the society -- a functioning, integral  civilization, analogous to the soul of a live human being.  The term "god" pertains to a tribal society (5th Transcendence), "God" to a nation-state (6th transcendence), and "GOD" to a tightly integrated collection of nation-states that has achieved the unity of the 7th Transcendence.  For a deeper discussion, go to The Evolution of God.

Grand Council

The mechanism for a nation state to be assimilable with other nation states to the 7th Transcendence, under the banner of the Paradigm of Transcendent Reality, is acceptance and imposition of a Grand Council over the government(s) of the aspiring nation-state(s).  Not all candidates for assimilation will necessarily achieve the 7th Transcendence.  

What the Grand Council does is create and enforce a common truth, philosophy, and morality over the member states, so that under a single Grand Council, the member states become so tightly integrated that they achieve unity, and their individual Gods merge into a single GOD -- and they no longer even consider dismemberment desirable or possible. For a deeper discussion, go to Grand Council.


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