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It wouldn't go fast, or far.

Orphaned by Ford & Mazda, the Philippine manufacturer was forced out of business - no longer manufactured and parts hard to get.

Constantly failing clutch, brakes, and a/c

The sliding side windows had misaligned holes for attaching the slide lock, which would regularly fail every six month or so.

Lost 80% of its value in 6 years

This vehicle was about $10,000 new.  It had a new 60 hp Mazda engine and drive train in a Philippine-made chassis.  It was only five feet wide, which was perfect for the narrow Philippine streets.  I added a nice roof rack and side-molding to jazz it up.

1998 Anfra

It would hold 8 adults or 15 children, but usually just myself, my wife, my two daughters, our two maids,
our abandoned child,  my wife's sister and mother, and a couple of friends.