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Classics & Favorites
Things I Love

I traveled half way
around the world
to find her
in a jungle village
by the sea
on a big island
in the Pacific ocean
I did not leave her side
until she consented
to be my bride
and we were wed
She is a  gift to me
whom I cherish
beyond all things earthly

that I do not deserve
but for which
I am grateful --

 -- for the karma
that joined our paths

-- and the grace
of a higher power
 far beyond
 my comprehension

2012 Nissan Crew Cab SL-V6 2WD

Twenty years later I finally moved up to the newest model.  I hope this lives up to its reputation and my expectations.

Top of the line again - very little I could add to it. 

This time I opted for 2WD instead of 4WD, since I never used the 4WD in the old model. 
I also went for the crew cab (with long bed) because the kids are too big for the King cab. 
 I also seldom used the moon roof before, so I didn't get a moon-roof this time.

Just too many included features to list here.

Click here to see all the standard  features.

  2012▲     20 years      ▼1992  
1992 Nissan King Cab SE-V6 4WD

Until the 2012 model, the 1992 model was the best pickup I ever owned!


Top of the line at the time, it came loaded --
moon roof, step rails
a/c, brush guard
18" mag wheel
cruise control
power windows
power mirrors
power brakes
sliding rear window
pop-up cleats
bed liner

1987 Honda Shadow VT700C

still rolling strong
at 25+ years
and 77,000+ miles

Rode it from:
Virginia to California
 and back,
Virginia to Mexico
and back,
in the Philippines,
but now
 just around Texas

stock engine
slightly modified frame
slightly modified seat
homemade back rest
home-made saddlebags
homemade sissy bar
homemade mud flaps
modified  fork boots
modified windshield
oversize tires

Every couple of years or so I think it died its last death but a new battery transplant and new spark plugs and it roars back to life again.


2010 Harley Davidson CVO Heritage Soft tail Convertible

I like almost everything about this bike

But ...

I'm about $28,000+ short of being able to buy one


1973 Yamaha TX 650

This vertical twin was the Japanese version of a Triumph,

but much better engineered and  durable

The very first motorcycle I ever owned.


2010 Triumph Bonneville


This is a retro-model of the 1950's and 60's

but so much better engineered.


Colt 45
single-action, six shot

The classic American firearm


German 9mm Lugar

I don't own one, but would if I could afford it -

Given the multi-thousand dollar prices
I think there is a high demand for this design, and a short supply.  I don't understand why someone isn't manufacturing these for collectors.


Inflatable Pontoon Boat


This is the kind of boat
 I would want

if I had a boat.




4436 Majestic Oaks Dr
New Orleans, Louisiana

The very first house
 I ever owned
- reminded me so much
of my childhood home in Omaha, Nebraska.

 Boarded up and abandoned after hurricane Katrina.

 Now torn down
and gone forever.


 in the Philippines

A very pretty wife,
two lovely babies,
and lots of love,

lots of parties,
lots of friends,
lots of good memories.

It was a good life
in the Philippines

and I miss it.

For $350 / month
It was big enough for the four of us - myself, my wife, and my two daughters

but add in
our ward, my sister-in-law, and two live-in maids

plus at times my mother-in-law, and a couple of visitors,

and it got pretty crowded.


A Little Cabin
 in the woods

 in Nowhere County
in the middle of Texas

by a creek
or a pond

or on a hill

Something like this

in a place close enough
 to civilization
to reap its benefits

but far from the
maddening crowd



Our Angora Snow Cat

"Pretty Boy"
"White Boy"

He is very playful
and as smart
as he is handsome
   Pulls plastic lids off of containers and opens  doors to cabinets and rooms.

Likes to lay down on shelves, and push off every thing in his way.

When things go bump
 in the night -  its him

Angora Snow Cat

 He is the most regal of cats, the most beautiful of creatures

Forged in the chaos of evolution on frigid snow-covered Angora mountain

 He is the most perfect of killing machines

But a pale ghost in the night, a transparent shadow on the snow,

Stalking on tufted hairy paws, bringing certain death to his prey.

With a coat so fine that its sheddings float on the wind

and can be spun into the finest wool

And eyebrows that protect those wondrous eyes from the biting wind.

So fierce in look, so independent in manner

So sharp of tooth and claw.  Yet so gentle with his human family.

Just to behold him brings tears to my eyes at such perfection that God has wrought.

If I should ever be reincarnated, I should wish it to be as a snow cat

 2011- Simon R Mouer III