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My Opinion

Most non-Muslims (Americans, Europeans, and Asians alike) know next to nothing about Islam, and are totally in the dark about why Islam is such a threat to the non-Islamic world.  This discussion of Islam is presented in five parts --

Development of Islam, Western Objection to Islam, Islamic Violence towards non-Muslims, Islamic Deception towards non-Muslims,
and an Apology of the
Christian Crusades, Inquisitions, and Expulsion of Muslims from Spain in the Middle Ages.








The Middle East, before Islam, was polytheistic.  There were many gods, with the Moon God, being the chief of all the gods.  The generic Arabic word for gods is "ilah."  The chief god was denoted by putting the "The" (Arabic "Al") in front of the word for god -- or "Al Ilah," which would refer to the the chief -- the Moon God.  In Arabic, the phrase "Al Ilah" would be conflated (run together) to "Allah."  

The common symbol of "Allah," the moon god, chief of the gods, was the crescent moon.  And the calendar was a lunar calendar.

Mohammed's parents worshiped "Allah," the Moon God, in this sense -- as chief of all other gods.

ISLAM - Early Phase  (Mohammed begins his ministry)
Mohammed starts his preaching, with "Allah," the Moon God, as the chief of all the gods, and elevates the Moon God to the equivalence of the Jewish and Christian God by forbidding the worship of all the other gods -- declaring "Allah" as the only deity to be worshipped.

Mohammed keeps the crescent symbol of the Moon God, as the symbol of Allah, now the only God.

Mohammed also keeps the lunar calendar of the moon god.

Mohammed is, in this early phase, very conciliatory to Jews and Christians (The People of the Book), undertaking to unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims into one faith, under the banner of Islam. The Jewish prophets of old are also Islamic prophets, and the Christian Messiah, Jesus, is the most honored prophet of all. Mohammed anoints himself as the last prophet to be until judgment day.

Mohammed faces Jerusalem for prayers.

ISLAM - Middle Phase  (Mohammed turns away from Jerusalem, toward Mecca)
Mohammed and Islam overtures are thoroughly rejected by Jews and Christians, as well as most of the tribes of the Arab peninsula.

Denounced as a false prophet by Jews and Christians, Mohammed now faces Mecca for prayers, and incorporates the Kabbah (the former Moon God's temple) at Mecca as the center of Islam.

Mohammed orders Muslims not to take infidels for friends or companions.

ISLAM - Late Phase  (Mohammed preaches violent jihad)
Mohammed begins a vitriolic verbal attack on Jews Christians, and all unbelievers everywhere, and begins a military-style campaign to subjugate all around him by force to either convert to Islam, pay a tax, or be killed.

Mohammed commands his force to use terror, murder, be-headings, amputations, enslavement, ransom, rape, and the taking of the infidels wives and daughters.  There is to be no peace for the Muslim until all humankind is brought to heel under Islam.

Islam has morphed into its present form as the perfect religion for despots, nomadic raiders, conquering hordes, pirates, kidnappers, slavers, and murderers.

ISLAM - Taqiyyah (Deception)
This is part of the Late Phase, but it is so important that it deserves it own section.  Mohammed commands the use of the
taquiyya for those infidels too strong to attack directly.

Taquiyya is a strategy to use deception and lie to lull the infidels into complacency while the Muslim makes stealthy inroads to degrade the infidel's strength until he can be overcome.

In the taquiyya, Muslims can pretend to be peaceful, and pretend to be friends with infidels, but must keep separate in their hearts, and keep in mind that infidels must eventually be brought to heel under Islam.

It is the Taquiyyay that forms the three-phase strategy to topple infidels:

 o  Phase 1 - Pretend to be peaceful, friendly, and compliant with the host infidel.  Infiltrate his ranks slowly and unobtrusively.  In this phase, quote only the Quran's early phase verses, when Mohammed was conciliatory towards Jews and Christians.

 o  Phase 2 - Once established and accepted, begin gently asserting religious freedom to implement Sharia law for Muslims.

 o  Phase 3 - When Muslims within have gained strength, and the infidels weakened, strike and submit them to Islam.  

ISLAM - Post Mohammed  (Mohammed is dead, the Quran is formed)
Before Mohammed died, there was no Quran as we know it today. Mohammed wrote not one verse down. It was all by memory.

Certain of Mohammed's trusted companions were held in special regard for having faithfully memorized the entire revelations of Mohammed. And there were others who did write down portions of what he said, sometimes with divergent versions of his sermons.

Succeeding battles with infidels began to take its toll, with many companions being killed.

With a fast-shrinking pool of reliable memories, Mohammed's successors became alarmed that the revelations of Mohammed might be lost to posterity. The first caliphs, starting with Abu Bakr, gathered the surviving memories and written versions together, and working with their own memories, created a written version of the chapters and verses of the Quran.

The final organization of the Quran, however, are not in the chronological order they were uttered by Mohammed. But organized by longest to shortest chapters, maybe to hide the Taquiyyaha (deception strategy) contained therein. 

Initial Islamic Expansion


Modern Islamic Distribution
Sunni        Shia       Ibadi.






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