US Permanent Resident Status
(Green Card)

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Change of Status

Once your Filipino Fiancée on a K-1 visa has arrived in the US and married you, or your Filipina spouse on her K-3 visa has entered the US, you will want to file a Form I-485 Change of Status for her.  In this form she is the petitioner, and must sign the form, but in all likelihood you will have to help her fill it out.  Along with the Form I-485, you will submit a new Form G-325 for her, and a Form I-854 Affidavit of Support.  Never mind that you just filled out a similar Affidavit of Support in the Form I-385.  The Form I-385 guarantees her support while she is on the K-1 or K-3 visa, while the Form I-854 guarantees her support after she obtains her permanent status (evidenced by her 'green' card - the cards are not green anymore, they are more pinkish-yellowish, but they are still commonly referred to as green cards). Along with these forms you will submit payment for the Change of Status, currently at the time of this writing $325, plus a $70 Biometric fee for fingerprinting.  Never mind that she was fingerprinted at the US Embassy in Manila at her interview, and again at the port entry into the US by Immigration.  She will be fingerprinted again for her permanent status.  However, she will not have to have another physical exam, so that is not repeated. 


About two weeks after submission of the above package, your spouse will receive a Form I-797 receipt and notice of where to appear for fingerprinting, usually at an Immigration service center nearest you.  You must take all the Form I-797 notices relevant to I-130 petition and also all those for the Form I-485 Change of Status petition with you to the fingerprinting station, along with her passport, and, if she has one, her US driver's license of other picture ID card.

The next step is the Interview for Permanent Resident Status