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Very few single Filipino girls are issued tourist visas to the USA.  If the girl is from a prominent Filipino family with connections, she may be able to swing a tourist visa on her own, and there is very little you can do to help her.  In fact, it is better if you are not in the picture at all.  Otherwise, it is highly unlikely your girl will be issued a tourist visa, so don’t even try, because once denied, that denial tends to stick in all later applications. 

Occasionally, married women may be issued a tourist visa, especially if you are there with her to prove that you are a permanent resident in the Philippines.  It is best if she has been to a lot of other countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia.  That gives the US consular officer more confidence she will return to the Philippines.  You will likely get only a single-entry visa the first trip.  But on the second trip, you may be able to get a multiple-entry visa. 

I personally would have preferred a multiple-entry tourist visa for my Filipino wife, rather than seeking to immigrate her.  That way, my wife and I could visit the US together, while keeping our residence in the Philippines.  However, it became easier to immigrate than to get a multiple-entry tourist visa, so we abandoned the tourist quest.