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(Green Card)

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Interview for permanent Resident Status

Several weeks after being fingerprinted, your spouse will receive a Form I-797 notice to come in for an immigration interview.  This is the final interview for her to receive her permanent status and "green card."  It is a very important interview, and you and all your kids will be requested to attend with your alien spouse.  The notice will advise you to bring the original and a copy of all documentation ever submitted by you or your spouse, along with all official responses and notices issued to you or your spouse in regard to the immigration petition.  You might not need any of them, but then again, you might, so carefully prepare a file of originals and copies, and bring it with you for the interview.  Also bring proof that you have married and are cohabitating, including originals and copies (the original is used for verifying the copy, and is returned to you.)

This interview is very thorough, and the interviewing immigration officer will likely have reviewed the file carefully before calling all of you in the interview room.   Much of the interview is asking you to verify information in the documentation, so you should carefully review and be familiar with what was stated in the documentation submitted.  If you fudged any factual material on your submittal documents - make sure you fudge it the same way in the interview.  If all goes well, your spouse will have her passport stamped at the end of the interview, and receive her "green card" in the mail in a couple of weeks.

If you and your wife have been married less than two years, then she will have a two-year probation period to endure before she gets her final  permanent status.  If she separates, divorces, or annuls the marriage during the two-year probation, she could have her permanent status revoked.  However, if she initiated action because you mistreated her, she could be allowed to stay.  If you and your wife have been married more than two years, then there is no probation period.

Her "green card" is valid for 10 years, and it is presumed that the holder will apply for US citizenship within the those ten years. However, an immigrant is not required to become a US citizen, and may remain a permanent resident alien and have the "green card" renewed.